Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sombrero Night & the Seven Warning Signs

Well... We made it.
And just in time for Sombrero night!

As we were on the road Jamie mentioned we might make it in time for Sombrero night... I told him I'd talked to Mark and SN was scheduled for Thursday. Nope- tonite.
We got Mark on the phone and found out they'd re-rescheduled it for Wednesday night. Lovely- a 5 hour drive to be concluded with heavy tequila consumption.

We went to the course and dropped off our equipment as they guys were finishing up for the day. I took Jamie over to the house where he was staying, then I went to my place to wait for the others to come home and get ready to go out...
Mitch (the Regulator) and Mike (Davis, from California) arrived shortly thereafter and we all went over to Veracruz. The three of us got a table for 8 and started with the Wednesday drink special -
Jumbo Margaritas- $4.50. Hoo Ha!
Mark, Jon, Jamie, Eric & Robert arrived minutes later and after they ordered drinks Mark threw down the gauntlet...The first round of shots was on the table before we had ordered our meal.
(This, in case you aren't aware, is one of the "7 Danger Signs of IDS" See below.)

It should be obvious that things would be going from bad to much worse in short order.
The annual celebration is referred to as Sombrero Night because at some random point in the evening, we would begin to pull the decorative sombreros off the walls and wear them...
(Pictures courtesy of Eric Wisdom's cell phone.)

Mitch, Mark & empties.

Jamie Odum and Mark, "Smile, you gringo bastard."

"And tonight the role of Dirty Sanchez will be performed by Eric Wisdom"

For those who may be worrying, Mark, Mitch and Yours Truly were the only real drinkers... The other 5 attendees were our designated drivers...
A good time was had by all, and there was no invocation of the "Lynch Procedure",
where someone in the party has to call Rallis to have him come down to the local hoosgow and bail us out for some legal infraction.

The next morning was very subdued... All the window shades were drawn and everyone spoke in whispered tones... By 4 or 5 PM we were mostly recovered and ready to go out again...
I chose the better part of valor... I took Physalia over to the self service car wash and scrubbed 300 miles of bugs off the grill of the blue toaster.
I'm a wild man.

More fun and debauchery tonight...


The seven warning signs of IDS
(There are others, these are the most prevalent)

  1. Having a company policy named after you.
  2. Shots before dinner
  3. Shots before breakfast
  4. Shots instead of dinner or breakfast
  5. Talking to AND getting answered by inanimate objects
  6. Support for the "LPGA Jihad"
  7. Being on a first-name basis with airline flight crews
Famous! out.

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