Monday, March 13, 2006

And the hits just keep on coming...

(For some odd reason, most questions are preceeded by the word "wow".)
(or "mom" or "EOE" or "303". Long story, don't ask.)

17. Wow. Did you know you the gray in your hair is really noticable now?

18. Wow. Haircut? Or in your case, a shearing?

19. Wow. You know, your head looks much smaller now.

20. Man. You gonna start wearing a hat?

21. Are you less "amazing" now, just like Samson was after his haircut?

Famous out-


Anonymous said...

I am so smiling.. at the difference between the "get out of my space" pic with the newly trimmed Uncle Jay,.....
.. and the sooooooooo smiling charming penultimate pic, complete with curl and girl,

The Wrong Way dot com said...

How many pillows were made with that hair?! Good one? Eh, not really...

I added a link to your site onto mine at

If you don't want the link, I'll have it off faster than you can get your ginormous paws on me.

Zack - Your friendly neighbor in the LPGA office