Tuesday, October 11, 2005

You have got to be kidding.

The next chapter in the Saga of 2005- Year of the Monkey...

On Sunday night (10/9) I got an email from our client in Shanghai.

"We have a new equipment vendor. Bring your stuff to test new equipment ASAP."

Oh crap.

So... For those of you that haven't been keeping track for the 4th Quarter of 2005...

September 4 to October 1 - Beijing
October 13 to 16 - Atlanta
October 17 to 22 - Shanghai
November 5 to 21 - Shanghai (Again)
December 8 to 22 - Torino Italy.

You miht also remember that every time I get off that %$@&* flight I get SARS or Asian Bird Flu or some Creeping Crud...
I figure I'm prone to virii and other beasties, so I'm starting to get paranoid. I'm figuring to catch something bad on one of these trips... I asked the doctor about it...
"Hey doc. I keep getting sick every time I go to China, and I'm concerned about how I'm getting infected.
Is it possible to get diseases, especially veneral diseases in public restrooms over there?"
"Of course" he says.
"How do I avoid it?" I asked.

"Quit screwing in the public restrooms."

Here endeth the lesson.

TBG Out-

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