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Australia Gun Laws & Rules

To whet your appetite have a peek at this from one of the FAQs

I currently hold a firearms licence for sport/target shooting. Can I go hunting on rural property?

No, you are only authorised to shoot at an approved Sport/Target Shooting Club. If you wish to shoot on rural land you must apply to have the genuine reason of Recreational Hunting and Vermin Control or Primary Production added to your existing firearms licence.
To add this genuine reason, you should email the Firearms Registry Licensing Unit at to obtain pre-printed application forms – please refer to the information under 'What if I want to change my genuine reason or add a new genuine reason?' above.

Pique your interest?

Submitted for your edification, some FAQs and Links regarding gun laws from the oh-so-enlightened Aussies...

From the Auburn Shooting Academy (Sydney west) website:

-Frequently Asked Questions-

How long does it take to get a pistol license?
After joining the club and completing the initial Pistol Safe Handling training, your application for a Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) will take about 6 to 8 weeks. You will then need to complete the clubs 12 week pistol training program while under close supervision and the remainder of the first 6 months of your PPL under general supervision. A PPL is valid for 12 months after which time a Category H (Pistol Target Shooting) licence can be applied for.

Can anyone become a club member and licensed shooter?

You must be able to pass a Police criminal background check, have good English language skills and be a NSW resident.

What do I need to join the Shooting Academy Club?

You will need a government issued photo identification, two references from adults who have known you 2 years or more and be able to pass a Police criminal background check. You will also need to be a member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA).

How much does a Pistol License Cost?
Your Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) will cost $100 (for 12 months), and your Category H Pistol Licence will cost $100 for 2 years or $200 for 5 years. These fees are in addition to your club and shooting association membership fees.

When I have a license, can I bring an unlicensed friend shooting?
No. Unlicenced shooters may only try pistol target shooting, under the requirements of the Police P650 declaration form, by prior arrangement with the club and under the direct supervision of a Club Range Officer.

Can I shoot at the Shooting Academy at any time?

After you have completed 6 months of your PPL, and have completed your induction and safety training, you can shoot at any time provided the range is not pre-booked for training or competition.

Do I have to attend every Thursday night in the first 12 weeks?
 No, but it is in your best interest to complete your 12 week induction and safety training as soon as possible. You must complete the club's 12 week training course before your PPL is 6 months old. You can only do this on Thursday nights under the supervision of a club Range Officer.

What are the attendance or competition requirements to comply with the conditions of Pistol license?
Licenced pistol shooters must compete in at least 6 club competitions each year, and a further 4 club shoots for each different type of pistol they own.

What's involved in buying my first pistol?
After you have your Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) for 6 months, and have completed the club’s induction and safety training course, you can apply for a Permit to Acquire (to buy your first pistol). You must have your Category H safe inspected by the local Police who will provide a letter stating that it complies with regulations. This together with the Permit to Acquire is forwarded to the Firearms Registry.

Can I buy a gun on the Internet?
No. Firearms can ONLY be legally bought and sold through licenced firearms dealers, and only to licenced shooters who have a Permit to Acquire.

Can I shoot at other Pistol clubs or ranges?
Yes. After you have your Probationary Pistol Licence (PPL) for 6 months, with the permission of the other Club, you can participate in shooting events at other approved pistol ranges. Range fees and competition entry fees for other Club venues are not included in your Shooting Academy Club membership. Additional training and accreditation may be required for participation in external shooting competitions.

Do I need to purchase my own pistol?
No. Club pistols are available free of charge to members under training and during the first 6 months of a PPL. .

Can I store a pistol at the Club?
Yes. Safe-storage compliant gun safes are available at the Club for a modest biennial fee.

Which leads us to the NSW Gun Laws...

Licence Applications

In NSW, any person seeking to possess and use a firearm must be authorised by way of a licence or permit.
All persons wishing to obtain a firearms licence in NSW must have a genuine reason for obtaining the licence and must meet a range of legislative requirements relating to that genuine reason.
Licence holders are only authorised to possess and use the category of firearm for which the licence has been issued and the firearm may only be used for the purpose established as being the genuine reason for holding the firearms licence.
The Genuine Reasons applicable to a firearms licence are listed below. Please review the requirements for the genuine reason you wish to select to ensure that you can meet all the requirements. The Licence Category and Genuine Reason Table also shows the categories of licence applicable to each genuine reason.

Genuine Reasons

Changes to an Existing Licence

Firearms Safety Training Courses

If you are applying for a licence for the first time you will need to complete a Firearms Safety Training Course for longarms or pistols. Refer to each genuine reason FACT Sheet for information regarding applicable courses.

Business Licence

If you are making an application for a firearms licence for a business, please see the FACT Sheet below and the Business Declaration form which must be completed and returned with your application.

Making Your Licence Application

Once you have determined the appropriate genuine reason and category of licence, you may use the link below to request your pre-printed licence application and genuine reason forms.
You may also obtain pre-printed licence application forms by contacting the Firearms Registry Customer Service line on 1300 362 562.

I especially enjoyed the phrasing under the section on firearm collectors the caveat:
"A Firearm Collector licence allows for the possession of firearms only, not their use.
NOTE: This licence does not authorise the collection of ammunition. For information on collection of ammunition see Ammunition Collection Permit."

And finally, as an American gun owner, these FAQs are hilarious and frightening.

Lord, please spare us who want to use the Australian model for proposed gun regulation & ownership...


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