Thursday, October 29, 2015

Trigger Warning: Work

This is a political post. Those easily offended by insinuations of laziness or entitlements by a particular class, culture or political party should go visit or some such other site. Kthxbai.

Ok, where was I... Oh yeah.

Why is it that the Left/Progressives/Democrats only want to talk about 'work' in only a very limited form?
To wit:
Work- The Republicans and Democrats should work together to make progress on initiatives favored by the Left.
Work- The effort performed by (usually) conservative that generates wages that are taxed in order to pay for freebies, social welfare programs, Obamaphones, and undeserved Obamacare subsidies for  entitled Leftists.
Work- the effort expended by Left - leaning politicians to develop programs to wring more and more tax dollars out of productive citizens in order to give money,  goods, services, and health/education to Illegal Immigrants, chronically unemployed, and other societal parasites.

Tell an Entitled leech that he needs to put in 20 hours of Community Service work to qualify for SNAP and you'll hear the broken falsetto voice of Maynard G Krebs - "WORK!?  Forget that. My baby - momma gets plenty on the SNAP/WIC/nameoffavoritesocialprogramhere".


Old NFO said...

Oh yeah, 'we' work, they mooch... sigh

Borepatch said...

I feel so ... triggered ... and microaggressioned