Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shanghai Peeps Redux

Our first breakfast (unlike Second Breakfast in the players lounge, or elevenses, also at the players lounge) was taken at the diner/cafe Element Fresh at the Portman. 

I enjoyed tormenting our regular waitress Alice, who has our standard (first) breakfast order memorized... Yogurt for CJ, American breakfast (eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast) for Austin and I.
Bacon crispy, not the regular pork tartare. We like burnt offerings for breakfast.


Perusing the rest of the menu there I find that there are inconsistencies in the offered items.

The Tuna Salad Sandwich has, of course, tuna salad on it. The chicken and Applewood - smoked bacon sandwich? Same-same. 
I would expect the orange juice to have the juice from oranges in it.

So, when I see a sandwich called the Truck Driver... does it not stand to reason that I would inquire what KIND of truck driver they are using on this sandwich? After all, there are several grades of truck driver out there, and I want US DOT prime Trucker, not some low-grade Sino Teamster-reject.

After all... I have the same expectations regarding girl scout cookies.

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Angus McThag said...

After NAFTA it's getting harder and harder to source a good marbled Teamster for a reasonable price.