Sunday, July 12, 2015

More South PA Regional Humor

The lovely town of Intercourse PA took a beating again last night...

Seems there is a small community nearby called Blue Ball... Apparently that's where you wind up if you run out of gas on the way to Intercourse.

On the way back to our hotel from dinner, the subject of Intercourse came up...
One of the guys who hadn't been around long was asking about it, if there was "Welcome to Intercourse" sign, etc.
I suggested we drive over and he could get a picture.
TBG: "It's only a couple miles..."
Other Guy: "Nah. No Intercourse for me tonight. "
TBG: "...Said no guy. Ever."

We heard they had tried to open a club called "Erectile Dysfunction" there, but it wasn't a success.
As a matter of fact, it was a complete flop...

Nobody came.


Ok... I'm done now.


Daniel Culp said...

"You end up in Blue Ball when you run out of gas on the way to Intercourse"

Old NFO said...

Okkaaaayyyyy... Try the veal, right?

Brigid said...

And the bank gives you a substantial penalty for early withdrawal.