Friday, July 03, 2015

Immoral Imperative - It Must Be Blogged Immediately

We are in lovely Pennsylvania - just outside Lancaster for the US Women's Open.

This place is just teeming with Mennonites and Amish.

Throwing a bunch of our guys into this kind of environment is just asking for trouble, since some of our folks don't have filters, or at least don't use them, while talking/interacting in public...

Case in point...
Just to the east of Lancaster is a place named (to the delight of snickering schoolboys everywhere) Intercourse PA.

 Of course, this becomes a topic of conversation at lunch-

Uncouth Guy1 "Intercourse? Why the fuck would they name the place that? Ha!"
Uncouth Guy2 "I wonder if all the stores & streets are as inappropriately named?"
UG1: "Edith's House of Sex Toys and Apple Butter!"
UG2: "At the corner of Rusty Trombone and Angry Dragon?"
UG1: "Yeah- right next to Dirty Sanchez Plumbing Supply."

This is why we can't go anywhere nice.



Ben Catoe said...

It goes along with Bird-in-hand, just down the road.

Old NFO said...

OH joy... Well, try to stay out of trouble...

Home on the Range said...

Having lived just a few miles North of Toad Suck Arkansas, at one point in my life, I will reserve comment. :-)