Tuesday, May 12, 2015

On the Shelf

Why don't we have this in the grocery store in Florida?

This shit, however, they can keep.

Seriously, Why?



kx59 said...

Holy cow.
That is some serious hot sauce.
Even at a West Texas dove shoot end of day testosterone challenge, I don't think I'd do that stuff.
Lead by example, you first bunky.
Then I'll let you know.

Think of the day after.
You'd be wishing you'd ate a gallon of ice cream afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Jay, you forget we do our rum cold?

Steve_in_CA said...

Hot Buttered Rum is best for sitting by a fire with snow on the ground outside. Unlikely in most of Florida.

The Big Guy said...

@GFZ & @Steve-

I live in NORTH Florida-
We have a good 3 or 4 days that this would be nice to have on-hand...

You forget that I spend a reasonable amount of time in garden spots chosen as Winter Olympic venues and outdoor hockey games...
It'd be nice to be able to pack it along for responsible use in those locations...