Saturday, May 09, 2015

KA CA Highway 101

CA 101 is a roller-coaster of a highway.

If you get the opportunity, take it.

My next stop - Bandon Oregon. A resort/retirement destination on the coast.
But between SanFran and there is an 8-hour trip through the Redwood Empire.

It's an amazing trip.
And holy crap those trees are huge.

A little pit stop on the way...
6 Rivers Brewing is up in  McKinleyville CA, in Humboldt County...
I stopped in for lunch-

My, my, that IS a tasty burger!

I did get a kick out of their dual-purpose coasters...



DoninSacto said...

101 is a fun hiway but next time rent a motocycle and go on hiway 1.

Old NFO said...

PCH isn't bad either, but it's going the wrong direction for you on this trip! Hope Oregon is as successful!