Wednesday, July 16, 2014

They Are Trying To Kill Me.

The Woman and Perfect Child have taken up kayaking...

They went out offshore Jax Beach yesterday morning, and I figured I'd go check on them before heading to the office.

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That little tiny speck left of the umbrella and above the surfboards, way the @#$% out toward the horizon... That's them.

I didn't call the Coast Guard...
I DID think about it...
But- they both have cell phones.  They'd call if they have issues.

Besides-  I thought how much crap I'd get for weeks and weeks about overreacting, and the number of stupid things I do that they just take in stride and don't start calling the local hospitals or the highway patrol.

When you are 48 hours overdue and have not called to warn the SO of your delay, arriving home exclaiming:
"Don't pay the ransom! I've escaped!" will not have the desired comic effect.
Listen to your Uncle Jay, it's a ticket to 6 nights in the doghouse.



Anonymous said...

That's rich! Don't pay the ransom...

jon spencer said...

If you are getting worried when they go out of sight here is a little piece of mind.


It fits in a PFD pocket too, they are wearing their PFD's aren't they?
Two kayaking hints,
1. Your PFD should be designed for kayaking.
2. Use a quality paddle that fit the person paddling.