Friday, July 04, 2014

Quick Hits - 7/4/2014

Too many times I let thoughts go unblogged because it takes too much time to write up all the background and embed links to the source data.
No more- 
I'm going to start doing quick notes, forgoing some of the embellishments, in hopes of getting more content up on the 'blog; Quantity & Brevity over Infrequency & Verbosity.
Lets see how it works...


Happy Fourth of July, America.
Lots of the Really Cool Kids are expounding on the Declaration of Independence and the current Criminal-in-Chief in the oval office.

After a short perusal of headlines and reflecting on the shit ton of scandals by the administration, I can only think: "What the fuck happened?"


No Faith in White House Statistics
Sadly, I have reached the point that if a spokesman for the current administration came out and said the "The sky is blue." I would walk outside expecting any other color from the Crayola box except blue.

Hence- when I hear the WH crowing over dropping unemployment percentages, and the Progressive faithful carrying the buckets of putrid water, I just wonder how they are cooking their figures.

I KNOW they're lying, I'm just not motivated enough to research it... 

(Hint: If you give up looking for a job, you're no longer unemployed.)


Major home improvements have been underway at the Humble Abode.
A new roof- the old one was 18+ years old.
A mishap with a unbonded lawn maintenance guy trimming a tree necessitated repairs.
(Lesson learned.)

One more repair has been needed for years- new kitchen counters.
We shopped, bargained and did a lot of our own work...

Old stuff

Ready for new stuff, black lab included for scale.

New counters in, new tile installed, new electrical & plates.

TWWKMT working on caulking the counter & backsplash.

Sweet caulk lines!

We finished plumbing the sink last night...
It came out pretty good.

Next project-
New fairings for FJR.

Can't ride in the rain due to the missing fender, and the gaffer's tape is holding all the cracked pieces together. 
I ordered a new fairing kit from a plastics company in Guangzhou...

It will be in red and silver... This blue was nice too, but domestic tranquility trumps aesthetics.

Quite the jigsaw puzzle for me to work on when it arrives in mid-July.


More later



Old NFO said...

Looks great! And good luck with the puzzle... :-)

The Big Guy said...

@ONFO Thanks! The kitchen work tested the very limits of marital bliss...

Luc said...

Good job on the caulk line J. And there is a picture of a black lab!! My faith is restored in this blog!

Spike said...

Gaffers tape fixes a multitude of sins.