Monday, November 11, 2013

You're Kidding, Right?

No Tweets, Instagrams, iPhones at the Olympics, authorities declare.

Info from Fox news here...
The 2014 Olympics might feel more like 1914.
Journalists attending the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics in Russia will be forbidden from using everyday technology to take pictures and share information -- the mobile phones and tablets that have woven themselves into the fabric of daily life, the Olympics committee said.
More accurate (but much harder to read) info here:

Журналистам запретили снимать гаджетами Олимпиаду в Сочи
Использование пишущими журналистами мобильных телефонов для съемок спортсменов или зрителей во время зимней Олимпиады в Сочи будет считаться серьезным нарушением и приведет к аннулированию их аккредитации.

Об этом сообщает портал "Ридус" со ссылкой на заявление главы редакции Агентства спортивных новостей Василия Конова, сделанное им в ходе Всероссийского обучающего форума-семинара спортивных журналистов в Сочи.

I was wondering how they would enforce this kind of ban on gadgets and personal electronics...

I guess I kinda forgot (again) that in places other than the good ol' US of A, they can pretty much do whatever they want.

(H/T to KK for the pic)



Old NFO said...

'I' don't think folks are going to 'like' the enforcement policies... Just sayin...

Ben said...

Hope you have a good time over there Jay. Good luck.

-BiF (BiM)

The Big Guy said...

Hey Ben! Good to hear from you!
Hope all is well in the far north!

Luc said...

Yo Ben! You're alive! Done much sailing? (Is it polite to use another dude's blog to ask about another dude's welfare?)