Saturday, October 19, 2013

Dry Tortugas Followup

The young программиста ученому фотограф strikes again...

Dry Tortugas (by Denis) from Zaton on Vimeo.

If this can't get some of you lazy bastards off your asses and come down to DRTO on a camping trip, then you just suck out loud.
(Borepatch, Luc  & KX59 I'm talking to you!)



kx59 said...

Hey now, who you calling "lazy".
Thems fightin words rat that and I'm going to send Borepatch right over to put a sooper secret three letter federal agency thumb lock on you right now.
Actually, BP mused about a meetup on thewater just days ago.

The Big Guy said...

Well, you're gonna need to come up with a ride for the trip... I'm sure there are several bike rental places in Houston... (Or fly to MIA and get one.)

I doubt you'll want to ride bitch one one of our bikes, and we'll all look funny with BP & I on REAL bikes and you on a Yamaha Riva or some other scooter...

But seriously- plenty of time to put it together (including financing for the copious amounts of booze & conch fritters that will be consumed...)
I can't realistically plan anything until after April 15, 2014.
Oly Testing, Oz Open Sydney, Olympics and The Masters... Then I'm free.

Borepatch said...

It's a long way to the southern tip of Florida. How's Destin?

The Big Guy said...

We can walk before we run, eh?

Destin is pretty cool...but a bit pricy. Can I suggest Apalachicola?
Nice Old-Florida vibe, awesome seafood. Not quite so $$$.
But no camping in the panhandle- the bugs have a hard time deciding whether to eat you right there or carry you off to dine.

(KW is hugely pricey too... Again, a better reason to save pennies in prep for a spring trip.)

Borepatch said...

Never been to Apalachicola. I'm in. We could do it in a long weekend.

Luc said...


Luc said...
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Luc said...

BTW, tell Denis that his video is very nice. Don't know my sharks but are the ones in the vid the chomping kind?

The Big Guy said...


Make plans for Mid April.

And no, those are Ginglymostoma cirratum, Nurse Sharks.
A/K/A - The Electrolux of the Sea.

"A nocturnal predator, the nurse shark feeds mainly on fish especially stingrays, molluscs (octopi, squids and clams) and crustaceans. Algae and corals are occasionally founded in the stomachs as well. The nurse shark has small mouth, but its large, bellows-like pharynx allows it to suck in food items at high speed. This system probably allows the species to prey on small fish that are resting at night, species that are too active for the sluggish nurse shark to catch during the day. Heavy-shelled conchs are flipped over, and the snail extracted by use of suction and teeth."
- Florida Museum of Natural History, Icthyology site.