Saturday, October 19, 2013

Back... But only for a moment.

How I spent my week:

Annnnd, we're back.

We fought the good fight and were victorious.

The really good? The Win was on so many levels...
1. An excellent luncheon on Monday at Crystal Jade in Xintiandi with all the Usual Suspects was awesome.
2. We made it to PVG with plenty of time to spare.
3. Coop and CJ got tagged by outbound customs inspections. Not me. Yay.
4. On the flight from PVG to ORG, Economy Plus was nearly empty.
Coop & I snagged 2 rows of empty seats and thus, were able to get extremely comfortable and snag some sleep. It wasn't a lay-flat like in Biz Class, but it warn't bad.
(But the fact that I like to sleep au natural really made the Flight Attendants really uncomfortable. Those little blankets they give you are really not adequate.)
5. I loves me some Global Entry. 3 minutes to clear C&I in Chicago. Woot!
6. Both my bags made it to Chicago un-pilfered.
7. TSA PreCheck approved in ORD for the flight home to MCO.
8. Upgrade, baby!
9. Only 30 minutes to 'fix' the power steering the Beater...
10. Home by 2:30 AM.

I spent Tues & Wed catching up with work-stuff, and on Thursday Slaw came to my desk...
Slaw: "Hey... You got plans for next weekend?"
Yours Truly: "Depends. What's up?"
S: "I might need you in Berlin on Friday & Saturday."
YT: "Let me check. Let you know tomorrow."

Actually I did. I had a reservation in St. Augustine with The Woman Who Knows Most Things for Friday and Saturday...
But I've been here 17 years and when the need arises, I go.
The Woman is infinitely patient and understanding. St. Aug is rescheduled and I have a reservation for a flight into TXL.



Angus McThag said...

Business card:

TBG: Goon, Hired Goon.

kx59 said...

It lives.
That explains why my search for emergency landings in Cuba came up empty.
You clean up pretty good J.
Looking quite dapper a menacing sort of way.

kx59 said...
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The Big Guy said...

TBG: Scaring the crap out of Asians since 1994.

I have a new rule: No emergency landings in Communist countries anymore. Stuck to it since 1981 and it has served me well.

There is a key to looking dapper when you have to buy your clothing by the acre...
Bespoke tailoring.
A tiny Chinese man came to the hotel on Wednesday night to take measurements, came back Thursday night with a 95% finished suit to finish measuring details, and dropped off the completely finished suit Friday morning at 7.
For 1100 RMB. That's $180.

I can never find anything off the rack (even at big/tall places) that come close to fitting correctly.
And a custom-fitted suit here would be insanely expensive.

Luc said...

Get some real shoes for gahdsake!