Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Want List

Want: to do

Want: For the tree

Alas, no longer available through Blackwater Xe Academi


Want: to sneak one onto someone else's tree...




Old NFO said...

I NEED a couple of those ornaments... LOL Love the hanging guy too! :-)

Annie in SC said...

Many years ago, I worked in a large and prestigious law firm that happened to have, as one of its clients, a company that owned a number of "gentlemen's clubs" in the area (in another state). Every year at Christmas, the company sent our firm a "pornament." The one Christmas I was there, it was an anatomically correct gingerbread MAN. Yes, we hung it (heh) on the office Christmas tree ... but in the back just in case any children or sensitive clients happened to come in the office. :)