Sunday, May 22, 2011

Observations Minneapolis

Weather - Meh, with a side order of terror.
Especially the storm that blew through last night...

Hotel- Westin in downtown Minneapolis
A 2 out of 5.

The wireless phone didn't work, there were like 5 popped pixels in the TV, and the channel selection on the TV was poor...
(2 PBS channels, TNT was on two different channels, 4 shopping channels, and 3 ESPNs, Discovery, History and then ABC, NBC, and CBS.)

At Starwood properties you can opt for a $5 dollar voucher if you will forgo daily maid service... I skipped service and took the $10 to use for the breakfast buffet before heading to the airport...
I should have used the $10 to buy 2 cokes from the hotel sundry.
Overcooked (industrial) eggs, a greasy mass of limp bacon... Bacon this bad should be felony.
Coffee was marginal- but I couldn't get a spoon to stir it to save my life.
Asked Pedro 3 times "Ah! I shall get one for you immediate!"
I stirred it with my knife.
The pastries (silver dollar sized danish) were stale, and the oatmeal had scabbed over long before I had arrived.

Breugger's Bagles... Yum.
You can get a tasty burger at 508 bar & grill near Target Center.

Of interest: Thom Pham's Wondrous Azian Kitchen.
Dim Sum brunch... (Next time...)
Watch out for the bartender...

25 bucks for a punch in the face? I'd do it for $10.

And finally-
MSP (and Delta) suck out loud.
(no surprise, eh?)



Borepatch said...

New French Cafe used to be notably superior when I was there 20 years ago. Seems it's still there; don't know if it's still as good.

Luc said...

Great. I'll be there for draft but staying at Hilton. Hopefuly a better place. But flying with Delta ... Meh