Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fed Up

"That's all I can stand, I can't stands no more"

Casey Heynes - How to deal with a snot-nosed bully.

It's a damn shame he got suspended for it...

But I'll bet the punk that was hitting him won't do it again.



Bug said...

amazing, here is the definition of how modern society has gotten where it is... someone defends himself from an attacker that had his victim mostly backed into a corner, the attacker had every opportunity to retreat but kept advancing and attacking, the victim finally defends himself and gets the same punishment as the attacker.

Even the discussion of criminal charges is ridiculous. Even in a society where self defense is not considered a right, he did no more than the attacker, so the attacker needs to be charged with (at a minimum) the criminal charges, otherwise it is selective prosecution.

Anonymous said...

I await the day when my 12 year old turns around and decks one of the boys that have bullied him this year at school.
We have gone through the proper channels at the school and all they have managed to do is sweep it under the rug.
I wonder if I show up at the school with the local news and police if anything would be done about it.