Sunday, December 05, 2010

TSA = _________________

2001-2009 - Thousands Standing Around
2010-???? - Touching Sensitive Areas -or- Tightly Squeezing Asses

I'm starting a collection:

Transparently Senseless Aggravation:
Taking Scissors Away
Thieving & Stealing Agency
Tyrannical Scam Artists.
Total Synapse Arrest.
Twisted Sexual Abusers.
Tear Suitcase Apart.
Truth Systematically Avoided.
Trivial, Superfluous Actors.
Tricking Sucker Americans.
Torn Socks Again.
Touches Scatological Apparel
Thuggish Steroid Abusers
Toss, Stall, Abscond.
Treatment Simply Abusive
Turpitude Summarily Accepted.
Travelers Subjected Arbitrarily.
Terrorists Still Allowed.
Theatrical Self Aggrandizement.
This Sucks Ass
Tin Star Alert.
Three Stooges Audition
Treasonous Sinister Axis.
Tricky Shady Amateurs.
Troublesome Shifty Airheads.
Totally Screwed Again
Thieving Stupid Administrators
Typically, Snotty Attitude.
Tearing Spare-undies Asunder.

How about DHS?
Deplorable Harassment of Selectees
Dick Head Screeners.
Doesn't Help Security
Destroys Helpless Suitcases.
Despicable Hated Scum.
Divisive Hurtful Scoundrel.
Dirty Handed Shakedown.
Dysfunctional Hassle Spree.
Deplorable Human Sewage.
Dollars Horribly Spent.
Desperate Hopeless Situation.
Delusive Hollow Sham.

Did you get the dreaded "SSSS" on your boarding pass?
Superfluous Sandbagging. Seems Silly.
Severely Screwing Someones Schedule.
Sniffing Shoes, Soiling Socks.
Slapstick Sheriffs, Shielding Status quo
Significantly Slows Service Stream.
Slippery Scheming Snake-oil Salesmen.
Scrutinizers Shamelessly Stealing Stuff.
Sorry Slacking Side Show.
Seldom Stops Surreptitious Souvenirs.
Subterfuge Shrouds Snoopers' Stealing
Sorry Sleuths Scouring Satchels.
Sophomoric Sloths Shepherding the Shoeless.

From a TSA Agent:
Tough Shit, Asshole
Travelers Spur Annoyance
Don't Have a Seizure.