Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Once More Into The Breach, Dear Friends, Once More

Off to Minneapolis / St. Paul today.

1:55 flight.

I'm figuring it'll be Gojira vs. The TSA Monster from 11:55a to 1:00p or so...
If I get "randomly picked" for nudie-scoping and testicle squeeze for the fifth time in a row, things are going to go downhill swiftly.

But let's forget that for the moment- it's all a struggle for a decent seat (bulkhead, aisle, naturally) and arranging financing for the seat upgrade and for my checked baggage fee.
I'll be so worked up at that point, the TSA goons will be scared to juggle my cojones for fear of getting a spontaneous electrical shock.


Update: 12:10pm

TSA Annoy-o-Tron directs me to Lane 1; Standard mag-and-bag.
No Backscatter, no testicle massage.

I was gonna get me an ear too.


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