Thursday, July 15, 2010

Recoil Therapy, Redux

Another Tuesday, another session of recoil therapy.
(I'm going to miss it in the next few weeks...)

. 44 Mag Colt Anaconda, Bond Arms .45 Snake Slayer, H&K P30L 9mm

In addition to the plate steel silhouettes in the background of the above photo we also have a rack of steel falling plates. (I'm not allowed to shoot the Anaconda at them...)

You see the nice little dimples caused by booolits hitting the plates?

If said booolits are underpowered handloads, you get Range Daisies when the boolits hit and spread out.

Purty, ain't they?

When you fire normal full metal jacketed rounds, or jacketed hollow points, or anything else for that matter-
you get spall.

This is the timber on the sides of the range near the plate rack.

This is why you don't want to be anywhere nearby when a booolit hits a hard surface...

Detail of the surface:

Really... the copper jacket makes for nasty shrapnel...
Always wear you shooting glasses... This stuff can travel a long distance, and it hurts when it hits you.


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