Monday, August 03, 2009

Pre-Flight Entertainment

Departure time: 11:25
Current time 12:15.

The drama is two rows in front of me...

Overweight & Over-entitled Passenger:
"You ain't takin' mah bags!"
Delta Security Guy:
"Ma'm, we need to check your bag, you'll get it in LA."
OOP: "You. Ain't. Takin'. It."
(Short flightcrew-security pow-wow occurs.)
DSG: "Ma'm, I either take the bag, or you are going to be removed from this flight."
(The Captain is now standing behind the DSG... He's the one who makes the decision.)
OOP: Long dramatic pause, then a heavy pissed-off sigh. "Awrite- take da damn bag! But if it gets lost..."
They take the bag and paperwork commences-
Sy'na'iqua is bitching to her seatmates-
"If they lose mah bag..."
"They doin' this 'cause I'm black!..."
"All these skinny-ass white girls..."
As she gets her claim check for the bag...
"Dis all bullshit! I ain't never flyin' wit' Delta agin!"


Its gonna be a long flight. Thank Ghod my next flight is at 8 (PDT) tonight.

Update - 12:38 - still at the gate.
(Lost our window for departure.)


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