Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Welcome to NVKD - US. Rat out your neighbors Part 1.

I really really really like Breda's Letter to
Boy, it that doesn't get ya some personalized attention I don't know what will.

With The Lightbringer's new "Let us know if you see/hear someone that doesn't think like WE do, call our new department:Народный Комиссариат Внутренних Дел" we are just moving right through from semi-socialism right to Communism.

And I really like the idea of conspicuously wearing the .44 on my belt if one of Obama's Army shows up.
Think I'll arrange it for when the ACORN/Census 2010 folks show up too.

The Breda Fallacy: my permanent record



Breda said...

thank you for the link!

(and could you please tell me where you got that super cool animated labels widget on your sidebar?)

Bug said...

Very well said Breda!

Here is what I emailed to them -

What IS fishy is the way you guys are reading the constitution. What IS fishy is the number of bold faced lies you tell over and over and the bulk of our “news” organizations just parrot. What IS fishy is how you guys want to put all of US onto a plan that you exempt YOURSELVES from.

Stop the attempts at intimidation, it won’t work. Bring on your IRS audit. Send some ‘officers’ over here to talk to me. Send a bunch of lawyers to dig thru my trash. Demonize me as some crazy right-winger. I’m just another average Joe that is tired of your lies and distortions when all you want is more power.

It’s total BS and I’m calling you on it. Can you hear that noise? It’s the real people in this great country finally waking up and standing up for what is right.

Ben M. Catoe
Citizen of the USA