Saturday, April 25, 2009

Augusta 2009 Frankensandwich

Every year in Augusta I perform experiments on the Green Sandwiches
that are supplied to us by The Tournament.

Last year it was "Elemental Chicken"
- a Chicken filet sandwich with pimento cheese,
and the year before was the beloved "Masters Cordon Bleu"...

This year things got a bit out of hand.

I present to you:

The Kreeper

A Krispy Kreme glazed donut, with banana and Peeps.

Cut the donut in half and invert them to make a stable platform to build upon.

Slice up some banana and artistically arrange the slices, then add Peeps.

Of course, I had to push it...And I highly recommend that you
avoid the temptation to throw this little morsel into your
sandwich press / panini maker / George Foreman Grill...

All the sugar on the Krispy Kreme and the Peeps turns into napalm.
Sweet, sticky napalm.

Tasty- but very, very messy.


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