Thursday, April 09, 2009

Anyone Get the Number of That Bus?

(*Some* names changes to protect the guilty.)

I was having a lively discussion with our on-site Code Monkey...
(We'll call him "Frank" for the sake of argument)
And after pointing out some obvious issues and deficiencies in his code, he shrugged his shoulders and gave me the non-verbal equivalent of "Not my problem, Bucko."

At that point I let him know his invitation to our Departmental Really Good Food that is catered in every night was being rescinded... No Prime Rib for you!

Frank: No Dinner? WTF?

TBG: Yes. No dinner. Banned from Maintenance Bldg. Wanted posters will be posted with your mugly ug..

Frank: I didn't make the changes to send that stuff back out to the devices!

TBG: Well *I* sure as hell didn't do it... You're the code monkey here... Unless you can pinpoint another victim, you're getting the blame...
I'm all about Vengance.

Frank says: JASON
Frank says: Jason... meet "the bus".
Frank says: Vroom! There it went, right over him.

TBG says: Ah. Excellent. A target for my frustration.
TBG says: So... Tell me, do you install handles on your developers to facilitate throwing them under the bus?


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