Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Excuses excuses!

Dumbass email comment:
"This entire thing is George Bushes fault..."

2 things for my beloved Constant Readers:

One: Use the Comments link. Quit sending me comments via e-mail. Everyone wants to hear your opinion.

Two: Learn proper spelling and punctuation.

Now then, for the Dumbass Urkel Apologist who whined "WE INHERITED THIS MESS! WE ARE NOT ACCOUNTABLE."

Didn't you listen to any of Urkel's campaign rhetoric?
The One was elected because the country thought he could get us out of this mess, NOT complain about inheriting it.

If they shift your attention from what a poor job they are doing, they can screw us even harder.


1 comment:

T-Rav said...

1. I love the comment link. 2. You don't need proper speling and proper punctuation;, to have an opinion - get over it. As for your Obama comment - He is accountable becuase he is now in charge. It is true that he inherited a mess, but it is time to stop blaming and start fixing.