Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Stuff We're Missing

Yes, we have 54 channels of China Central TV (CCTV), but no Cartoon Network.
No Food Network. No BBC America. No Sci Fi or Dr. Who,
and worst of all,
No Discovery Channel...

No Deadliest Catch.

No Cash Cab.

No Dirty Jobs.

No Mythbusters.

No Man vs. Wild.

Have you seen their summer promo...
"I Love the Whole World"?

Very catchy. I walk through the IBC whistling the tune...
And someone gives me a " boom de yada" on the refrain.

Even mo' bettah- the live version-

Too funny.

TBG, Boom de yadda, boom de yadda...


Luc said...

By far, my favourite channel. Thanks for the links .. boom de ah dah .. boom de ah dah ..

Anonymous said...

No Mythbusters???? Barbaric!

Anonymous said...

Damn Commies!!!