Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Gas Mileage

It's been more than a week since my last post. Figure I better put
something up before I get accused of sleeping at the wheel or slacking

We had a bit of a sit-down last night at a local sports bar here at the Beach.
DanO was in town; We had a few Help Desk Minions in attendance, along with
The Code Monkey and some of his Acolytes from the Temple of Programming, the all-powerful PaulP made an appearance, and last on the list but first in our hearts, The Big Hat, The Head Cheese, He Who Shall Be Obeyed, RallisP joined us to drink beer, eat bad bar food and watch the Philly Phlyers get their guts kicked out by Sidney "Put it in my five hole" Crosby and the Pit Penguins.

Good times... good times.

At some point in time during the festivities, talk turned to automobiles, gasoline prices and gas mileage...

I recently did a gas study on the Blue Toaster. Filled her up, ($50.00! Yikes!)
drove 109 miles and refilled her again, then did the cypherin'...
24.6 MPG on the highway, 16+ cents per mile.
I opined that I was going back to my old philosophy of "Two Wheels Good, Four Wheels Bad." One of the comedians suggested I look into a Vespa or some other scooter transport in order to get Really Good mileage.
What they were really looking for was the comic value of me trundling into the office on a 50cc Scooter looking for all intents and purposes like a big damn bear in the circus riding a teeny bicycle.

Which brings us to the meat (so to speak) of this message...

PaulP and Rallis both drive Mini Coopers... they speak very highly of the Mini.
Sporty, decent gas mileage...

In case you've lived under a rock for the last 6 years or so, here's a pic of the Mini Cooper.

You gotta love the 'Cooper...
Maybe I should take one for a test ride...?

TBG out-

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