Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Conversion time.

Blogger has been nagging at me to convert to the
new Blogger system... Some of the features look nice
so I'm going to give it a shot.

You might notice some formatting issues over the next few
days as I go back and re-format the new page, but hopefully the
effort will be worth it.

Bear (rarr!) with me...



Yaelisam said...

I moved to the new blogger system- and all i can say is that without the new one i wouldnt have had all the nice features that i have... it's so much easier for the common ppl ... ;-)


The Big Guy said...

Yeah... there are some cool things.
Just takes tso long to get everything back to normal.
Working on the links and going through all the posts and labeling them...

Once that's done, then it's on to the new bells and whistles.

BTW- I'll be in Macau and Shanghai for a few days in April... Too bad you and Rob are going to be gone by then...

Yaelisam said...

We're gonna be traveling a bit... and then leaving on the 17th... I'm not sure I'm so sad about leaving... (well except for the prices... Europe is gonna seem so expensive to me now...)