Friday, March 30, 2007

A Cautionary Tale

(Danger: Scatalogical content- those with delicate sensibilities are warned to skip to another site and avoid this post. Contains graphic content not suitable for those with weak constitutions.
You have been warned.)

I'm diligently working up in Augusta GA at A Nice Golf Course...

As I'm working on my Daily Report, one of my partners-in-crime starts laughing hysterically...

He is chatting via SKYPE with another Event Staff Dude in at the Sony Ericsson Open in Miami.
(And herein lies the cautionary tale...)

One of the favorite activities is, as someone is working, to do a flatulent fly-by. That is, to walk by and pass gas as close to the victim as possible.
(a/k/a/ - a toot-fairy, or the fart bomb)

Well... a "JB" was making a low-flight pass at Dingo with the target of throwing down a noxious cloud, and since "JB" was suffering from an acute case of Event Food, instead of just the Gas Warfare, JB wound up with a little more "substance" than he bargained for...(i.e. he "sharted" himself) .
He spent the rest of the day in a pair of plastic pants... Serves him right, I say.

Some might say it's a shitty way to treat your friends and coworkers...
In reality, he's just made an ass of himself.

Yo! JB! "Depends" are on sale down at Walgreens this week!

TBG out...

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