Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lake Effect Snow

K-Flan and I had late morning flights out of Cleveland...
(His on Southwest, mine on Continental.)
Weather reports were showing "lake effect" snow on the way in the morning.
(Is lake effect snow supposed to be less snow-like than regular snow? Snow Lite?)

Lake effect or not, the cold white stuff was on its way.

We decided to get on the road early...5:00am was the agreed-upon time.

It was already starting as we were getting on the road.

Big fat ugly flakes. (Just like in California.)

Lots of traffic...

...and more traffic.

Keepin' it at 50... Fortunately I had reserved the SUV with 4WD.

Hey... why are those headlights facing this way?"

I thought all the Yankees knew how to drive in the snow...

Finally! The airport.

Uh..y'all are going to clean all the snow off that plane before we take off, right?

No...Seriously. Please get the ice off the wings...

Well... We made it back. There was a 45 minute delay for deicing in Cleveland, and another 30 minutes ground delay in Newark, but we did make it.

Got back to Jacksonville just in time for the weather to drop into the 20s here.
Nice. But at least there is no snow...

Famous, out.

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