Monday, November 13, 2006

Taken out of context... And Funny Fotos!

From our "I guess you had to be there" Department:

  • K-Flan: Ok... I just realized we were under the balls...

  • Sam: If it tastes good, it was meat.

  • YT: Look, I know *how* to rob banks, but I don't go out and *do* it.

  • K-Flan: A loud native pruning? Oh... *Allowed* native pruning.

  • YT: He's the anti-Samson... The longer the hair gets, the weaker he gets.

  • Alex: Do not bullshit the Frog... (Spoken with an outrageous French accent)

  • YT: Don't talk to the street critters. They will follow you home and present other difficult problems.

  • YT: Since we didn't get napkins, the sofa we are sitting on will make an adequate hand towel. (Perhaps a bit difficult to wipe one's face with, but useful none the less...)


More Shanghai photo goodness... Now with Retsyn!

Oh, yeah. Oooh. Ahhh. That's how it always starts. Then later there's the running and the screaming.

Celebrity sighting 1.
Gil the crab from the Honda Element commercials.

Mmmm... Tasty.

Celebrity sighting 2.
The worlds lamest mascot:
Dumb Lion-Dog-Thing Mascot for the Tennis Masters Cup.

This thing is pitiful...

Even worse than Brutus:

The Ohio State Buckeye mascot...

K-Flan looking for a nice shirt to go with his leathers...

Does this shirt make me look fat?

The Killer TV

This is the possessed TV that took a bite out of my head last week... See the blood dripping from it's fangs...

Dude. The ears. Seriously.

Better do something about those...

You have to like traveling next to a truck carrying toxic explosives...

With a happy face skull-and-crossbones.

Stefan & Froggy...

A shocking gesture at the churrascaria...

Don't come between K-Flan and his meat.

Just leave the whole skewer here and no one gets hurt...

Let's see... What else can we dispense from a machine?

Mmmmm! Simply delicious mashed potatoes!

And finally-
Mal and Michelle catching a bite between the singles and the doubles...

How's that Udon and pizza?


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