Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Time to play catch-up, little tomato...

A few items of note...

If you remember Salty- Capt. Rick's dog...

This is from April 2005, when she was just a pup...

(Note: Salty's the one with the orange collar. The Ranger in the pic is Ranger Sarah's Main Squeeze, Ryan.)

This is Salty today-

Queen of the Yankee Freedom 2...
Stay out of the wheelhouse unless you are bearing treats for the queen.

Speaking of Little Tomatoes

If you ever wonder about propigation of exotic species of plants in odd places,
(perhaps how a coconut came to be in Mercia...heh) I have a classic example for ya.
Under the picnic table where the Yankee Freedom 2 sets up for lunch, there is a little tomato plant growing and actually bearing fruit.

Me, I have a black thumb. Entrust me to water your houseplants for a weekend and they are done. Fini. They will have shuffled off their collective mortal coil and joined the choir invisible by Saturday post-tiffin. (And we take tiffin purty durn early in these parts, buckaroo.)
Here, someone drops a slice of tomato from their sandwich and a week later we have enough pomodoro for a 3-family spagetti dinner. Go figure.
(Personally, I think Dan is pouring the leftover pickle juice on the plant after lunch is over...)

TBG out-

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