Thursday, June 08, 2006

DRTO Day 1, Part 2


We got in with no problems… the Rangers had a EZ-Go cart at the dock waiting for us so we were able to offload and tote all out stuff back to our quarters easily.
We had just got all our stuff into the room and were making the rounds, chatting with the visitors when Chuck and Willy rolled up with a gas stove on the Easy-go…
“Hey- can you help me take this stove over to Loggerhead?”
So 10 minutes later Willy, Hunter and I were on out way to Loggerhead Key in the patrol boat.
We offloaded the range and got it up the the volunteers quarters in record time… Hunter and I chatted with the volunteers (Phil and Bev) while Willie went over and talked with the guys from one of the Helicopter Squadrons from Patrick AFB. They are out here doing training exercises and staying on Loggerhead Key during their bivouac.

We got back to Garden Key in time to see the Sunny Days and the YFII off…
Afternoon chores went well…

Man- What a day.

TBG out-

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