Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Don't molest the wildlife.

One of our campers came up to me yesterday morning...
They had accidently dropped a dive mask off the dock where the ferries park and wanted to try to retrieve it before the boats arrived for the day.
"No problem," I told them, "but just be aware of the Goliath Grouper under the dock."

"Really? Are they dangerous?" they asked.
"Well... They're big.. The biggest one is about 275lbs."
"Wow. Do they attack? I mean, would they bite?" they asked.
"Uh... Well, they'll attack...But it's not what you're thinking."
They gave me a puzzled look.
"It's their mating season. If you're attacked, fake an orgasm."

They didn't try to get the mask.

TBG Out-

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