Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Risk Management

This is something scaring me to death.
You know I hate crowds to begin with. And it not like I have to interact with them here but the crowds that are gathering for autographs after the games are going to get hurt, or they are going to hurt someone. Like a player, probably.

What is happening:
The crowd gathers at courtside as the players are arriving or leaving...
They (the crowd) are pushing to get their item to be signed in front of the player, and there is a huge press from the rear of the pack.
Unfortunately they are pushing against the video cubes...
Which are not anchored to the ground.
If these things go down there are several different events that will occur:
1. All of them are going down, a la the domino effect. So 140 ex-flipping-spensive cubes will crash face-down to the floor.
2. They will fall on the player signing autographs. A severe amount of trauma will occur. I'm thinking broken legs or feet.
3. People will be crushed as the crowd falls forward. Didn't we learn anything from the riots at soccer stadia?
4. There is a good chance of somebody (or perhaps lots of somebodies) getting electrocuted, due to the nature of the power connections on the video cubes.

This should give you a good idea of the situation here...

You can see the videowall here getting knocked out of alignment...

Oh, the potential for tragedy abounds here in QiZhong!

TBG (hiding) Out-

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