Monday, November 21, 2005

Coming Attractions

Watch this space, boys and girls, for the following items...

Wonder at the behind-the-scenes peek at the epic ending of the Tennis Masters Cup Tournament... The five-set slugfest between Roger "FedEx" Federer and David "Don't cry for me Argentina" Nalbandian.

Read the sordid details from the impromptu wrap party at the Junction Bar in the Mayfair Hotel, where we answer the age-old question: Who did the Mayfair's resident hooker sink her talons into on the final night?

Revel in the amazing tale of the Red Taxi and the Angry Driver, the 4AM trip to Ruijin Guesthouse to help Cynthia Lum move to her new digs.

Be moved by the unfortunate saga "The Quest For Rafa", a danger-filled sojourn along Huaihua Road into the heart of Changde Lu to find a Rafael Nadal street poster.

Read with amazement of the Yours Truly's last trip to Xiangyang Market to do battle with the vendors within. Read the blow-by-blow account of haggling over every single RMB of a souvenier t-shirt.

And of course, no event wrap-up post is complete without some amount of complaining of the actual travel back to Florida. 26 hours of hell in a 12 ounce can.

Saty tuned, genties and ladlemen - these stories and more, coming up soon...

TBG out-


Anonymous said...

Finally I can leave you a message!
I have been following your blog(that I came across accidently) for weeks now. Keep it up, I love the pics and your stories even though I don't kknow what's going on.....I'll figure it out I'm sure.
E the lurker.

The Big Guy said...

Man, there must be absolutely nothing going on in Michigan if you're consciously following this heaping pile of dog droppings... but glad to have you anyway. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

There isn't but cold and snow! But how did you know I was in Michigan? Now I'm curious!
E the lurker

The Big Guy said...


I'm The Big Guy- I know everything that is worth knowing. That's why I'm the Big Guy!

But serially, if you really must know, I suggest you explore It is a wealth of information.