Wednesday, August 24, 2016

You Talkin' To Me?

Names and monikers use in addressing me during the Rio Games

Big Jay
John (used by those who don't know better or know me by legal paperwork. Like cops and attorneys.)
Big Man
Big Fella
Hey- IDS guy...
Harley Davidson
Famous / Amazing!
Big American

I'm sure there were some terms/names used about me- but as long as they were polite when they actually spoke to me, I didn't rip anyone's arms off.

TBG - Travelin'


Old NFO said...

Sooo.... It was a 'slow' Olympics, right? :-)

Luc said...

Big Guy didn't make the list??!!

The Big Guy said...

@ONFO- Slow, in that I didn't punch anyone, no matter how desperately they needed it, yes. Slow.

@Luc - Of course Big Guy was used, as was Jay, Vanya, and of course Rotten Bastard...but I hear those every day, so they just fall to the wayside.

Dan said...

But not Uncle. Disappointing...

Borepatch said...

You should have punched the guy who called you "Harley Davidson". Not that there's anything wrong with a Harley (going riding today!), but if you wanted one you'd have one.

Ben Catoe said...