Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Airport Musings

Waiting at JAX to see if my flight will:
A) depart on time
B) depart late
C) get canceled
D) something else horrible

So I watch Airport-CNN. (spit)

I'm wondering about the Hillary Email Brouhaha and her adamant refusal to turn over the server for digital forensic investigation is actually a pretty issue to solve.

We can ask either the NSA or the Chinese for a copy of all the data...
Borepatch is right- given the probable level of incompetence on the part of whoever set up the system, smart money says that the server had the digital equivalent of a flashing neon "Welcome- No ID - No Credit Check" sign out front...

I bet any tourist could get a complete download of the files at Xiu Shui Jie in the  Beijing bootleg digital market on two non-copy protected DVDs for 150rmb.

TBG - travelin'

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Old NFO said...

Travel safe. I'm actually home for a week and a half! :-)