Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Newest Food Find - Tajín Seasoning

While I was down in Mexico City I came across a new goodie for folks that like a tasty variation in their victuals... Tajín.

It's a tasty spice that is served tableside in Mexico, especially with cut fruit like oranges or apples. It consists mainly of powdered chilis, lime and salt.

I found it in Publix here in North Florida- you can probably find it in any Mercado/bodega that specializes in Latin foods.

Listen to Uncle Jay - Try it... If you ask me, it's worthy of being this year's Sriracha- the next must-have for any self-respecting foodie.



Midwest Chick said...

Sounds tasty for those of us wanting a little zip to our food.

k said...

You scare me many times ("I'm really big and they cowered") and then inspire me ("I'm really big and I WON"), and I want so badly to buy and cook in a Caja. But this sounds like something lil ol me can handle. Cuz sometimes the Hot Cock sauce isn't enuf. Or am I misinterpreting somewheres?

jon spencer said...

Amazon has it.

The Big Guy said...

@MChick- its awesome. If i had another hand I'd give it 3 thumbs up.

@k - for the Caja China, it was a group purchase... Three of us kicked in $100 each... As for Tajin- its great and fairly inexpensive. Just a couple bucks.

@jon - I want to order some of their sauces and other mixes that you can find on-line.

Old NFO said...

Good stuff... :-)

Home on the Range said...

I'm going to look for that. Happy Thanksgiving and I hope you made it home.