Monday, March 05, 2012

Airport Ruminations

Put on your shocked face, The Big Guy is going to say disparaging things about the TSA.


 So, two Testicle Squeezers are on station at the boarding gate as they are loading the flight for Charlotte at 6:15am, giving everyone the Hairy Eyeball.
They are wearing their 30 minute "Behavior Evaluation" on-line course like it's a 8-year degree in behavioral psychology and analysis from Harvard...

About every 6th or 7th person is waved over and a quick bag check is done - they spend 5 seconds looking in the Lucky Traveler's carry-on.

So... Tell me, Nut Jugglers, is this how we're staying "one step ahead" of the Threat to American Skies?
The implication is that by checking inside bags at the door of the plane, you are admitting that you didn't do a good job at the main checkpoint and you obviously missed something.
And what makes you think that you will find something with a 5 second glance that an X-Ray couldn't detect back when we went through Mag & Bag?

TSA - Dumbassery On Parade.



Luc said...

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Bug said...

How much training does it take to pick every 6th or 7th person?

Didn't most of us learn eeny meeny... back when we were like 3 or 4 ?