Monday, March 15, 2010

Current Events - Last Week.

It was a relatively easy week, especially in comparison with the previous six weeks that I spent in Van-coover...
Got home Friday, chilled out on the weekend and caught up with latest gossip and news with The Woman Who Knows Most Things and The Perfect Child.

Back in the office on Monday to start dealing with post-Olympic stuff, equipment repatriation, missed emails, expense reports (still undone- but I'm trying...Really!)
Tuesday I was in Augusta at A Nice Golf Course do do some prep work and made it back for Shrimp Wednesday at Gene's.
That was the highlight of the work week, as Jingalls and I invited T-Rav to Lunch, he felt it was necessary to bring along the pussies his posse of ne'er-do-well commie-liberal-pinko cohorts... Glyn, Chris and a couple other weasels. I think T-Rav was concerned for his safety.
Dude, had we planned your demise, your little skirt-wearing co-liberals wouldn't have made a difference.
T-Rav was running in the River Run this weekend, so we couldn't abuse him too much.

Friday found me running some other errands, including a trip to Green Cove Springs to pick up an under-aged female named Lola for rather nefarious purposes.

She had a rather central role in our plans for the weekend...


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T-Rav said...

Gene's was a good place for my last meal - if it came to that.