Saturday, April 05, 2008

An Absolut Shame

Boycott Absolut.

(From Michelle Malkin's Site.)

Absolut recently ran a print and billboard campaign in Mexico, inspiring viewers to envision an "Absolute world" - i.e. a perfect world...
(FYI- the border they are showing is the 1848 pre-Mexican-American war border. In case you were wondering.)

So this is what they think (and what they presume all Mexicans think) is a perfect world?

Are you fucking kidding me? Keep your happy asses and your crappy product in Sweden and out of Global politics!

How about this instead!


TBG, pouring every drop of Absolut I can find where it belongs...down the toilet.

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Bob said...

It think that the picture with the wall is of really bad taste. Im a mexican, no te type that crosses borders but after all its my people, they leave this country because it sux, and there we are a few that struggle every day to make the corrupt politicians go away and to care for our poor people. Go blame the swedish, they were the stupid ones, and stop being so racist with mexicans please. i read almost your entire blog, and how about the sombrero nights? Mexican culture is awesome, our goverment is not

Our people, those that cross the borders are no more than victims of this rotten political system. We welcome you always with arms wide open, we are warm people that always show hospitality for a country like you, that hates us. U think is it fair?

Its a fun blog though, keep it up.