Saturday, November 10, 2007

Miss Communication.

On Thursday the Gearhouse Guys(TM) told us the bus was departing the arena at 6:00 PM. When we arrived in the TV compound at 5:20 we saw the bus turning the corner heading back to town.

SMS message to GG Big Cheese: "Dirty bastard."
GGBC:"Oh. I forgot about you guys."

How do you forget the two biggest guys in this *country*?

We spent the next hour trying to flag down a taxi. Not the easiest thing in Minhang the week before the tournament...

On Friday, SpongeMark went out to TV to check out the bus schedule...
"So, what time are you leaving us behind today?"
Said he wanted to ask in person just to see Boundsie's face.

We missed the bus that day too.
No taxi this time. Ian & Bruce set is up with a Mercedes.
TBG out-

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