Thursday, June 07, 2007

Overheard on the SMS

Excerpt of a SMS converstaion intercepted by the NSA anti-terrorism data sniffer in San Antonio Texas.

6/6/07 - 10:35PM CDT
SweetYoungThing: What kinda trouble you gettin into on the fake river?

6/6/07 - 10:37PM CDT
SomeGuy: Arrest, probably. I'll let you know later tonite. I feel like misbehaving.

6/6/07 - 10:38PM CDT
SweetYoungThing: Uh oh no good can come from that except for entertainment value of course!

6/6/07 - 10:40PM CDT
SomeGuy: It will involve a willing waitress from coyote ugly, and there is no doubt that it will all end and tears. Or perhaps bondage.

6/6/07 - 10:43PM CDT
SweetYoungThing: Whose tears? Yours or hers?

6/6/07 - 10:45PM CDT
SomeGuy: A little bit of both. Hers from fear and amazement, mine from the pepper spray.

-End of Transmission-

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